Monetize Your Traffic Easily with Smart Technology Designed for You

Monetize Your Traffic Easily with Smart Technology Designed for You

Turn your products into successful and scalable revenue streams

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Everything You Need in One Easy-to-Use
Search Monetization Platform

Monetize your digital products with feeds from world-leading search providers. Increase revenue and save time with state-of-the-art automation that’s constantly improving.

Get Started Today

Simple and easy implementation lets you start optimizing and monetizing right away with multiple search feeds to increase your revenue from day one!

Advanced Automation

Say goodbye to manual search feed management and optimization and benefit from automatic analysis algorithms and performance-based feed rotation

Stay Up to Date from Anywhere

Access your dashboards and account from any device and stay up to date on your monetization activities at all times

All your data in one Place

Get all of your reports in one accessible dashboard and enjoy full API integration with other platforms for automated reporting

State-Of-The-Art Tech

Sit back and let our advanced optimization algorithm generate the highest possible revenue from each of your users and products

Monetization Ads

Show your users the most relevant ads for their needs and start earning from the best monetization method available – search monetization

High RPM Rates

By rotating the leading industry feeds and comparing their RPM rates, our platform continually optimizes the monetization activity

Global Coverage

We use the leading search engines in the world, which is why our tech can help you monetize any users in any location

Fraud Protection

Our monetization technology protects you by communicating with third-party protection tools in real-time to prevent fraud traffic

24/7 Support

Our support representatives are available around the clock to help you any time you need and ensure you’re maximizing your revenue potential

About AEM Days

AEM Days is an advertising technology company founded by veteran industry professionals on a mission to create solutions that make a real difference for media buyers and digital asset owners. We combined extensive knowledge and skill from our team of advertising professionals and technology experts to develop solutions that turn products into successful and scalable revenue streams for our customers.

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Increase search advertising monetization and revenue today by turning your products into revenue streams